HMS Prince

Even before I finished my last model, which was the Royal English yacht ”CAROLINE”, I had started thinking about the next model I was going to build. Numerous ship modellers think that the nicest ship to make is the HMS ”Prince” from 1670. That ship has approximately 100 canons and is considered to be the pride of the English navy from 17th century. In many journals and magazines for ship modellers where that ship is mentioned, it is stated that that ship has been one of the nicest ships ever made.

I personally think that every modeller’s dream is to build that ship model. However, there is a lack of complete information about its construction and equipment. The HMS Prince is also very complicated to make because of its ornaments. Because of that, many ship modelers found it very difficult to make that ship and they failed to complete their task. I wanted to achieve that goal and build the HMS Prince. On one occasion of being in London, I visited the Museum of Science in which the model of that ship is displayed. In the museum’s library I gathered all the information that was available together with the original drawing of the ship’s body and its ribs. I also copied all the photographs in the library which I have used in the production of all necessary ornaments on the ship model. With great determination I started working on the ship model.

It took me five years to complete the HMS Prince, to be exact…around 7500 hours of work or 5 to 6 hours a day.

I decided to build the model in a scale 1:70, which means it is 115 cm long and 90 cm tall. It enabled me to produce all of the details with great precision. For the production I used the already tested materials. Mainly it was the best quality wood, which I had already used for my previous ship models. Wood that I used was: maple, pear tree and wild pear tree for the production of all of the ornaments and for the production of the ship’s body. It took me twenty months just to produce all of the ornaments, which were made only with the help of a magnifying glass so that all the details could be made with great precision. Ropes are also hand made and I respected rolling in left and right directions. Wood was processed and protected with transparent paint in shellac.

Everything that you can see on this HMS Prince ship model is made by hand and then put together to create a beautiful model.

This ship model, the HMS Prince, is a product of 40 years of experience as a ship modeller, and a product of great love towards that kind of work.

I have recieved excellent critics from the people that have great knowledge about ship modelling and also from the laics in that area. I am really pleased because, by making this model I was capable to show one part of the development of the naval architecture and in that way I gave it historical value.

The well-known 100-gun First Rate ship Prince was built at Chatham in 1670 by Sir Phineas Pett. She was 167ft 3in long on the gun deck, 44ft 9in beam, and had a depth of 19ft 0in. She fought in the battle of Texel, the battle of Solebay and the First Battle of Schooneveldt.


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